Energising rural India through a business process that creates and sustains innovation and strategy, by continuously adding value and care to its stakeholders with a style of management that will be exemplary to the corporate world.

In business, there is always a better way. And the first step towards achieving that is to have a dream. For Daulat farms Group, the dream is to shape the future of India.

Any dream for India would be incomplete without a powerful rural revival. This belief has driven Daulat Farms Group to invest heavily in rural India and set its sights on a powerful economic and social transformation.

Daulat Farms Group has focused on developing rural India through the Organic Farming, Dairy Farming, Poultry farming & Fish Farming. A pioneer in the integration of this hitherto small industry, Daulat Farms Group's ready business concepts such as contract farming has made individual farmers an integral part of its family.

A holistic approach backed by technology, research and best practices, has revolutionized this industry empowering farmers across the country with wealth and prosperity.

With a commitment to economic and social development in rural India as its core value, Daulat Farms Group has today empowered over 8,600 farmers and is rewriting the futures of thousands of farmers and entrepreneurs. Daulat Farms Group is modernizing the industry, creating employment, stepping up exports and has in store a bright future for over one million rural households in India.


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