Daulat Farms A2 Milk™ is the most hygienic liquid milk available in the market which is easy to digest and good for children, youth, old aged people and pregnant lady. Daulat Farms A2 Milk™ is cow milk from the Indian Deshi Cow Breeds. It is pasteurized in state-of-the-art processing plants and packed to make it conveniently available to consumers. 

Instantly Homogenized, Pasteurized, chilled and packaged farm fresh milk - Daulat Farms Milk is instantly Pasteurized & Homogenized at a genuine temperature, so that we can retain its nutrition’s value after pasteurization & Homogenization, it is being chilled, packaged in air-tight sterilized bottles and sent on its way to you in a process that has no human contact. This ensures that we maintain 100% purity as well as keep the taste and texture of the milk intact. The milk is 100% unadulterated and free of preservatives.

Daulat Farms A2 Milk™ can be direct consumption, making of tea, coffee, sweets, khoya, buttermilk, curd, ghee etc.  

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  • Daulat Farms A2 Milk ™
  • Daulat Farms A2 Cream Milk ™

Specialty Milk


  • Daulat Farms A2 Milk Kesar ™ 
  • Daulat Farms A2 Milk Ilaichi ™
  • Daulat Farms A2 Milk Badam ™
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Curd (Dahi)


Daulat Farms A2 Milk Premium Curd ™



Daulat Farms A2 Milk Premium Paneer ™



Daulat Farms A2 Milk Premium Ghee ™

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