Daulat Organix™ is a product of Daulat Farms Group's Farm and Garden Products Division, which is known for its quality and productivity. We believe that the full benefits of recycling can only be attained if the resulting product is used in an ecologically beneficial manner.

Daulat Organix™ is a product created from nutrient rich organic by-products of cow, poultry, agro, and vegetables, with the guidance of expertise and pioneers in the field. Naturally available NPK & Micro nutrients in the ingredients are made to fusion with Micro & macro organisms, and Product is developed with unique technology.

It is enriched with bacterial & fungal culture, which augments soil fertility and plant’s productivity. It is tested for quality parameters in the technological lab to ensure it is suitable for plants to grow and balance Earth’s eco-cycle.

Daulat Organix™ is suitable for Vegetables, all Agri Crops, Lawns, Nursery Spices, Floriculture and Horticulture.

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Daulat Organix™ Garden Grow


Organic Fertilizer For Plants

Daulat Organix™ Healthy Crop


Organic Fertilizer For Crops

Daulat Organix™ Crop Booster


Organic Fertilizer for Extra Crop Growth

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