Scheme No. 08. Daulat Farms Organic Farming Employment Generation Program

Daulat Farms Group has vast experience of organic cultivation, certification and documentation. We are also holding certified land with diversified cultivation areas in India.

Our cultivation is enriched with varied range of climatic and soil conditions, enabling us to cultivate various products as per their climatic requirements.

We have our organic certified land in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra. We have skilled field officers and technical staff involved in all the aspects of Organic cultivation and certification.

Sustainable Agriculture Practices are followed that result in proper social, economic and environmental stewardship. For example to conserve water and improve fertilizer-usage efficiencies and yields, drip irrigation is implemented. Daulat Farms Group has regularly carried out R&D in integrated pest and disease management, soil fertility and nutrition optimization over many years. We stress upon cultural and biological control of pests and diseases.

All our crops are GMO free and the farmers we work with are supported in growing crops through the technical guidance by qualified field personnel involving farmer training programmes. Communication on appropriate crop rotation practices and field sanitation is provided and field visits are monitored. The financing of crop growing by Daulat Farms Group through input supplies enables small and marginal farmers to take up crop growing. In case of adverse weather, any losses due to crop failure are borne by the company. In order to nurture the relationship with farmers, field and factory trips are held to educate them about Good Agriculture Practices and recognize the best farmers.

Send application in the name of " Director, Daulat Organic Farms and Exports " mention your information and land details

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Regular training programs are organised for farmers periodically. These programs are oriented towards enhancing knowledge about field cultivation practices, diseases and pest management, harvesting techniques and hygiene procedures.

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